A New Perspective on the Mind

A New Perspective on the Mind

If we consider the many self-created challenges we face it is reasonable to conclude that there is something wrong with how we think.  

Social injustices and inequalities, widening extremes of wealth and poverty, inhumane treatment of each other and of other species, wars and acts of terrorism, unsustainable plundering of the planet's resources, anthropogenic climate change.  The list goes on.

The question is, why do we keep making the same mistakes?  What can we do to change things for the better?

We need to change how we think.  We need a shift in consciousness away from being narrowly focused on our individual desires, preoccupied by our own repetitive thoughts and unable to live in the present, to one where we operate from a higher level of consciousness, at one with our society, our environment and the world around us.

The Tabula Project aims to provide a new perspective on the mind. The paintings depict states of consciousness and thought, and fundamental questions are explored in the writings and workshops. Read more...


Towards an Evolution of Thought contains a summary of the main research findings, which are grouped into three main sections:

1. Examining how we think

2. The need for change

3. Towards an evolution

Research Findings

A Case Study

Climate change demonstrates the serious and potentially dangerous nature of our thinking.  Environmental not-for-profit group Greener Vision applies insights from The Tabula Project to tackling our greatest existential threat.



Selected Writings includes poems, personal reflections and excepts from the art diary as the ideas for the project developed. The poems Metamorphosis and Evolve to Survive inspired the first two series of 'Examining Thought' paintings. 

Selected Writings
Claire Haigh

Claire Haigh's paintings are inspired by a deep desire for positive change, and by her belief that for real and lasting change to occur we need to begin with ourselves. She became interested in the early 1990s in exploring the nature of thought and consciousness through art. The Tabula Project aims to provide a new perspective on the mind so that we might improve how we think and evolve as a society.

Claire Haigh is Founder & CEO of Greener Vision, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging the switch to a greener future.  Greener Vision applies insights from The Tabula Project to the challenge of climate change.  Claire also chairs the Independent Review Panel for the Government's Joint Air Quality Unit (DfT/Defra) and is Vice Chair of the Zemo Partnership.  She was formerly CEO of the sustainable transport group Greener Journeys.

Claire has had five solo exhibitions in central London*. Her work has been bought by private and corporate collectors including NatWest, Marks & Spencer and the Boston Consulting Group. She has also completed many notable portrait commissions, including Lord Olivier, Ken Livingston Mayor of London, and Sir Peter Hendy Chairman of Network Rail.

*Venues include: Turtle Key Arts Centre, 1992; Smith's Gallery Covent Garden, 1993; The Mall Galleries, 1993; The Boston Consulting Group, 1996; The Troubadour Gallery, 2007